Python for KDB+

Learn how to transform your data analysis with PyKX - the powerful Python-first interface for the q language and its time-series vector database kdb+.

· July 27, 2023

What will I learn?

This course on Python for KDB+, centered around PyKX, consists of three Jupyter notebooks. The first notebook provides a foundational understanding of PyKX and its applications covering:

  • What is PyKX?
  • Loading & querying data
  • Coverting q objects to Python
  • %%q magic command
  • Performance: Query comparison Pandas vs. PyKX
  • Numpy ufuncs
  • Inter-process Communication

The subsequent two notebooks are interactive labs, both tailored to Python developers seeking to witness PyKX in action within a real-world context. In the first lab we leverage PyKX for data manipulation and analysis, participants will uncover valuable insights into the dynamics of the taxi industry in New York City.

The second lab offers hands-on experience in implementing classic finance workflows using PyKX. Participants will navigate through a typical task performed by Stock Brokers known as Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA), gaining practical insights into PyKX’s applications within the financial sector.

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Course Includes

  • 3 Lessons
  • 1 Quiz