KX Community Guidelines

Welcome to the KX Community Forum! This community is designed to foster collaboration, support, and growth among our KX Community around the world. To ensure a positive and productive environment for all members, we’ve outlined the following guidelines:

Respect and Professionalism: Treat all members with respect and professionalism. Avoid inflammatory language, personal attacks, or any form of harassment. We encourage constructive criticism and discussions but expect it to be done courteously.

Stay On Topic: This chat room is dedicated to discussions related to KX products and services. Please keep conversations focused on topics such as KDB+ programming, best practices, troubleshooting, and related technologies.

No Spam or Self-Promotion: Refrain from spamming the chat with irrelevant content, advertisements, or self-promotion. This includes excessive sharing of personal projects or services unrelated to KDB development.

Malware: You must not use this page to distribute software viruses or malware. We ask that you do not use links to third-party websites or other content unless you have verified the destination.

Help and Support: We’re all here to learn and grow together. However, if you have a valid commercial license to our software via your employer, please do not use this page as a substitute for our own Support Portal, which is available to our commercial customers. KX does not accept liability for the content or accuracy of any advice/ information or assistance provided by users on this page.

Respect Intellectual Property: Respect the intellectual property rights of others. Do not share proprietary code or sensitive information without permission. When discussing code snippets or solutions, use generic examples or seek permission before sharing specific implementations.

Keep it Legal: Ensure that all discussions and content shared in the chat room comply with applicable laws and regulations. Do not engage in discussions or activities that may be unlawful or unethical.

Be Mindful of Language and Tone: Maintain a professional and inclusive tone in all communications. Refrain from using offensive language, discriminatory remarks, or any form of hate speech. Keep in mind that members come from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Report Violations: If you encounter any behavior that violates these guidelines or makes you feel uncomfortable, please report it to the moderators/administrators promptly. We’re committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

Moderation: Moderators/administrators have the authority to enforce these guidelines and take appropriate action, including warnings, temporary access suspensions, removal of posts, or permanent bans, in response to violations. Their decisions are final.

Confidentiality Obligations: As professionals working with sensitive data and proprietary information, it’s imperative to adhere to obligations regarding confidentiality. Respect the confidentiality agreements of your employer and your employer’s clients at all times. Refrain from sharing confidential or proprietary information in the chat room, including code, data, business uses, sensitive commercial information, or insights that could compromise the security or privacy of individuals or organizations. Be mindful of the sensitivity of the topics discussed and ensure that discussions respect the boundaries set by confidentiality agreements.