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    Posted by cmccarthy1 on November 9, 2023 at 12:00 am
    Hi all,PyKX 2.2.0 has been released  Full details on the release can be found here. Examples of each of these changes are included in the release note and highlighted in the video attached (1.5x speed suggested).Additions:
    • Aggregation agg method to PyKX Tables and GroupbyTable objects, documentation available here.
    • Users can now run min, max, median, mode, sum and mean calculations directly on PyKX Vector objects
    • Pythonic assignment of objects to PyKX Vector and List objects now supported
    • Pythonic assignment and updates to dictionaries now supported
    • Addition of null and inf properties for pykx.Atom objects allowing for Pythonic retrieval of nulls and infinities
    • Addition of append and extend methods to pykx.*Vector and pykx.List objects
    • Addition of debug keyword argument to the __call__ method on EmbeddedQ and QConnection objects to provide backtraces on q code executed locally and remotely.
    • Users can now use the environment variables PYKX_UNLICENSED="true" or PYKX_LICENSED="true" set as part of configuration within their .pykx-config file to allow unlicensed or licensed mode to be the default behaviour on initialisation for example:
    • Added feature to extract individual elements of both TimestampAtom and TimestampVector in a pythonic manner.
    Fixes and improvements:
    • Fix to allow users to use Python functions when operating on a pykx.GroupbyTable with an apply function
    • Failure to initialise PyKX with exp or embedq license errors will now prompt users to ask if they wish to download an appropriate license following expiry or use of an invalid license
    • PyKX sets PYKX_EXECUTABLE to use when loading embedded q to prevent errors if launched using a different Python executable than that which will be found in PATH
    • PyKXReimport now additionally unsets/resets: PYKX_SKIP_UNDERQ, PYKX_EXECUTABLE, PYKX_DIR
    • When attempting to deserialize unsupported byte representations pykx.deserialize would result in a segmentation fault, this has been updated such that an error message is now raised.
    • Given changes to released numpy artifacts the Linux x86 release of PyKX has been delayed for Python 3.11, we will update the released artifacts once a solution has been found
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